Despite a lot of headshot trauma, we are a semi-serious Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team with members from all over Europe. If you want to get involved with us then add us on Steam and request an invitation to our Discord server.

  • We are a team of mature gamers that like to play together and have fun.
  • We are respectful, determined, and proud to be Fortitude members.
  • We are one of the oldest active teams in online gaming.
  • We are diverse and open, with members from all across the world.
  • We are Fortitude.

Fortitude is always looking for new members.

Requirements to join:

  • You have to speak english.
  • You need to have a microphone.
  • You need to have Discord.
  • You need to be a team player.
  • You need to be mature.

After you have received an invitation to our Discord, you will also receive an invitation to our private Steam group so that you can get acquainted with our members.